I work as a video maker and video editor. I could not define myself a pro but the results is definitely. In all the videos that I’ve done, I’ve worked as art director and video editor. All of these project are realized with Talking Design Studio. I always recommend videos for any corporate identity. Take a look to my works.


Cecco e Mami


Avancem Per la Pau

Re-Read 8M

Women's Day 2021

Talking XMAS 2020

"Puto Talking"

Fashion & Luxury?

TBS - Fashion & Luxury Marketing


Vindimia 2019

Monvínic Barcelona

La cocina el Corazón de Monvínic

Ride or Die Alleycat

Red Hook Criterium Barcelona 2017

Talking Xmas 2018

Cómo sobrevivir

Talking Xmas 2017

Nunca es mal momento para tener una buena idea.

Your Future Ahead of You

TBS Commercial

TBS Bachelor

Barcelona Metro Commercial

Restaurante La Blava

Estiu 2019

Restaurante La Blava

Estiu 2018

Restaurante La Blava

Fi de temporada 2017

Restaurante La Blava

Estiu 2017

Linkedin Local

Barcelona 2017

RV Tennis Barcelona

Success is Not a Game

Restaurante La Blava

Fi de Temporada 2018

Tibidabo Hill Climb 2016

Barcelona On Bikes